About Us

Convido is an association of high quality, professional corporate housing providers, in an increasing number of cities across the globe.

The members are separate legal entities, which trade under their own names, but they share the same Convido cloud-based systems, operating procedures, and service culture.

Founder members have been operating in Australia and the Philippines since 1998 and 2010 respectively, and are now joined by experienced operators in New Zealand, the USA, and Canada.

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About Convido Corporate Apartments

Our multinational clients require reliable and secure corporate housing services. Corporate housing offers a lower cost and better lifestyle option for employees on assignment.

Convido provides a one-stop-shop for companies that require rapid inquiry response, uncomplicated and reliable administration, together with wonderful apartments in convenient locations. They are looking for employee comfort and safety, and cost efficiency.

Think Global, Act Local… is our approach.

Our city offices are highly independent, agile organizations with service-oriented people. They know their market well enough to source and service premium apartments while ensuring value for money for their clients. Meanwhile, adherence to Convido global standards and procedures is mandatory.

Inquiries for any of our cities can be made on our contact page.


Q. What services does Convido provide?
A. Convido specializes in providing extended stay accommodation for traveling corporates, offering a range of standard and premium apartments in sought-after locations, for stays of 28 days or more.

Q. How long can a guest stay in a Convido apartment?
A. Our average guest stays for 5.5 months, but longer terms are welcome.

Q. What is the shortest amount of time a guest can stay in a Convido apartment?
A. Stays must be a minimum of 28 days.

Q. What does a Convido apartment include?
A. A friendly, qualified member of our team will meet and greet each guest and provide a tour of the apartment on arrival. If a guest is arriving from interstate or overseas, an airport transfer can also be arranged.

All Convido apartments are secure, fully furnished, connected to utilities and complimentary Wi-Fi.

We also offer each guest a complimentary food and toiletries hamper, so there’s no need to shop on arrival. A gym, pool, parking and 24/7 security are normal features, and housekeeping is provided.

Q. Does Convido have a guest services team?
A. Yes. Should assistance be required throughout the stay, we are available to help.

Q. Where are Convido apartments based?
A. Convido apartments are typically based in the central business districts and surrounding suburbs, but we have other locations as well. The breadth of our property portfolio means that proximity to the project can be achieved.

Q. Can you help me find my ideal apartment in my preferred location?
A. Yes. For stays of six months or more, we can help you source an apartment to suit your unique needs.

Q. Do prices inflate during high demand periods?
A. No. Our rates remain predictably constant during high demand periods such as those around major events or holidays, to make it easier for our clients to budget for their corporate accommodation.

Q. Can I request regular reports?
A. Reporting is included in our service offering. We can offer monthly, quarterly and annual reports to help track costs against guests and stays. Our Client Managers are friendly, helpful and responsive, so if there is anything else we can do to support you, just let us know.