Our Services

Your comfort is our business

We offer a personalized service to ensure your experience is easy and enjoyable while staying at our Manila and Cebu apartments in the Philippines.

For our Corporate Clients

  • rapid enquiry response

    Rapid enquiry response time

    During business hours your call, email or web inquiry will result in a proposal within the hour, probably within minutes. Expect options which include full descriptions and photos of your extended stay needs.

  • Friendly customer service

    Speak with a person not a computer

    You will have a conversation with a client service representative, who understands that you have to get the right corporate apartment solution for your employee(s).

  • attention to detail

    Attention to detail in the booking process

    You know that with corporate travel and accommodation a lot can go wrong. Not with us! We will work with you to ensure a successful project. 21 years of experience in the corporate housing industry shows.

  • Efficient administration

    Efficient administration

    Payment methods to suit you. All credit card and EFT options are available.

  • Great locations

    Great locations

    Our buildings and corporate rental properties are carefully selected to ensure that our standards are not compromised. Gym, pool, parking and 24/7 security are normal features. The breadth of our property portfolio means that proximity to the project can be achieved.

  • Competitive prices

    Competitive prices

    At slightly above the cost of direct leasing this balance of service, comfort, and simplicity cannot be beaten. Also remember our serviced apartment rates do not inflate in high demand periods, such as events or holidays. Budgeting for corporate accommodation becomes a breeze as rates remain predictably constant.

  • Normal Resident Environments

    Happy assignees

    Your employees are on assignment to work, not to be distracted by problematic or inappropriate accommodation. Get the accommodation component of the project right.

And for our Guests

  • Meet and greet

    Personal meet and greet

    Our friendly qualified staff will be there on arrival for key handover and briefing.

  • Comfortable apartment living

    Comfortable apartment living

    Furnished to executive standards, with freshly laundered linen and all the services connected.

  • Freshly laundered linen

    Freshly laundered linen

  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance

    24 hour emergency assistance

    Stuff sometimes happens! We are there to help when it does.

  • Free WiFi

    Free Wi-Fi

    Very fast with high usage limits (Never been exceeded yet!).

  • Apartment care

    Apartment care

  • Welcome pack

    Starter pack

    Welcome food hamper and toiletries pack. No need to shop on arrival.

  • Friendly customer service

    Friendly customer service

    Always a person never a computer. Genuine human to human service.

  • secure apartments

    Secure residences

Customer service team

Personalise your booking for the most comfortable stay

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Your comfort is our business

Well, that’s our service. You will find our people friendly, professional, helpful and responsive for whatever needs you have. We genuinely care about what we do and are dedicated to making our clients look good in the eyes of their employees.

So why not save yourself some stress, your company some money and give your people a great residential experience so that they can get the job done.